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photographer portrait. sydney, wollongong, southern highlands, camden. Nature, flower crown, floral, happy couple!pinthisThe Eurobadalla region is home base for me and on most days, you can find me at my home studio in Lilli Pilli with tea in hand, music playing, desk covered with art supplies, flowers and cameras, working on 10 projects all at once. When not working, I love to paint, draw – create anything I can get my hands on! Enjoy the company of my friends and a glass of wine, or traveling to potential photo-locations.

I’m a fine art photographer that specialises in love stories – whether it be weddings, engagements, families or maternity – they’re all stories of love and I’m in love with love. A hopeless romantic at heart.

Between growing up in a relatively rural town of Thirlmere, NSW (everyone knows everyone) and an addiction to Lord of the Rings & all things fantasy, I was always the quiet girl as a kid – but by sitting back in a crowd, I began to love watching people’s expressions. This started my love of portraiture. There is something about one image of an exact moment that can evoke so many feelings and memories! In saying that, I am far from the little quiet girl now, photography has brought out my true, bubbly self.

From drawing, painting and sculpting, my expression of these loves eventually turned to photography; and in capturing people and their stories I was able to combine all my passions together!
My passion is to create beautiful, intuitive imagery for couples who place a high priority on artistic photography. I believe in not only capturing the events of a wedding day or portrait session, but to create art from these moments. When you look back at your photos, my hope is that you not only remember, but feel the emotions again from a day that passes all too quickly.

My approach to wedding photography is photo-journalistic and discreet. I’m a relaxed, easy-going and creative person, and my couples tend to be the same. I blend in with your family & friends for the most part and love celebrating with them too! Because, let’s face it – if you love my style and approach, we’d most likely be the bestest of friends in person! I love working with other creative, life-loving people and having the honour of getting to know them and showing their love story.

I can’t wait to hear more about YOU and your story. Drop me a line and let’s chat!
Servicing the Bateman’s Bay, Canberra, Ulladulla, Bega & surrounding areas.